Vehicle Business Card Holders (or Pockets)

What are Vehicle Card Holders?

pocket on car p13Put simply they are business card holders that attached to vehicles or indeed any outdoors item or building and allow for your business card to always be available.

Why?  Well, one sale covers your investment!

It means that your business card is available when your not. But so what if you’re not around? Well, what if the potential new customer isn’t carrying a pen and paper? Will they remember your company name? Or search later and end up finding your competitor?

Vehicle Card Holder

With a vehicle card pocket on your vehicle your details are available there and then. Vehicle Card Pockets are an inexpensive way to increase your sales.

Just put them on and they will transform your vehicle from a mobile billboard to a travelling sales representative.

They’re not just for vehicles either. Card pockets can mount to an office or business door or indeed anywhere where you need your card to be when your not!

The vehicle card pocket kit includes:

card pocket p13Two card pockets (111 x 63 x 37mm without bracket, 111 x 63 x 55mm with bracket)
Two vinyl self-adhesive “Business cards please take one” signs (95mm x 75mm)
Heavy duty 3M adhesive strips ensure strong bond
Case removes from base for car washes
Interlocking cover and case lip keeps out wind, rain and snow – holds up to 100 business cards

The Kit retails at only £29.99 including VAT (plus p+p)

email or call 01487 843311 now to place your order.

Need Cards as well?

1000 Black & white special card pocket cards only £29.99 including VAT

Put a vehicle card pocket business card holder on our vehicle today – YOU’LL NEVER MISS ANOTHER SALE!