Why Have Workwear?

branded workwearWorkwear is any clothing issued to an employee to be worn during the working hours and is paid for by the employer.

So it’s a cost to the business, but all the large corporates do it, so why?

The reasons can be categorised into 5 main areas:

  1. Workwear Provides Safety / Protection / Comfort of Employees

The most important reason why employees are given workwear is for their own safety, protection and comfort whilst doing the job they are employed to do.  Protective clothing could be as simple as a jacket to keep them warm whilst working outside, or as complex as specialist fire retardant overalls for operators within hazardous environments, or high visibility clothing for night time workers.  Employees that are safe, protected and comfortable will produce positive results.

  1. Workwear Enhances Corporate Identity / Brand Image

So workwear is issued to protect employees.  The personalisation of that workwear however can add a whole new dimension to it.  Branded clothing reflects the brand values and contributes to brand equity of the organisation.  When your employees look smart it has a positive impact on customer perceptions.  Wearing smart clothing gives your company a sense of prestige and a branded look with a high perceived value.

  1. Workwear Gives You Free Advertising

Taking the brand image one step further is direct advertising on your workwear. When your logo is on your workwear it provides advertising for free.  Wherever your employees are they are advertising your company.  This can be further enhanced with the addition of telephone numbers or websites addresses on your workwear.  A specific example would be exhibition staff walking around the exhibition in branded clothing.

  1. Workwear Enables Staff Belonging and Financial Benefits

Workwear that has the company’s logo on it makes staff feel they belong to that organisation.  Employees that wear workwear feel that they are an important part of what drives the company’s success.  Branded workwear give each employee the feeling that they are valued and recognised by the company and thus enhances loyalty to the organisation.

There is also a financial benefit for employees, as they don’t have to buy their own clothes for work they have a monetary saving meaning they’re better off as a result.

  1. Workwear Increases Productivity

Finally, research has proven that productivity increases as a person’s self esteem is lifted .  Put simply a happy workforce produces more than an unhappy workforce.  People pull together as a team and workwear helps to identify that team.

So workwear isn’t just a cost to your business, it’s an investment that will show a return and increase the profitability of your business as highlighted above.

That’s why all the global brands do it!

Do you have branded workwear?

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